Milestone If you dialled in to the ‘Apex Code – An Introduction to Programming on the Platform’ webinar earlier this week, you’ll know that we had pretty severe audio problems; so bad, in fact, that we had to abandon the 10am presentation just a few minutes in. Well, the good news is that Taggart and I stayed in the studio, re-recorded the webinar with much better audio, and it’s now online for your viewing pleasure.

Apologies again to those of who who suffered through the scratchy, choppy sound; we’ll be working with our audio conferencing provider to identify the root cause and prevent any future occurences.

One bonus hint – watch this and other webinar presentations full screen and in HD (change the viewing resolution to 720p in the bottom right of the video window) – you’ll have a much better viewing experience. So, sit back and join us as we introduce Apex Code and take a look at triggers, controllers and web services.

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