Last night, after our Developer workshop in San Antonio, Katie, Pat and I headed over to the Blue Star Brewery Co. for some fun and games with the local developer community. This is the second time we have done a meetup at a brewery and I have to admit, I really like to format: laid back, casual, great conversations, awesome hot wings, and of course, Force.trivia!

After some lively conversation discussing anything from, the Developer workshop, politics and everything in between we got down to business with Pat demoing a great app written entirely in javascript, leveraging jquery, and the REST API to make a really cool app perfectly suited to mobile devices. Being the techno-hipsters that we (think) we are, Pat and I spun up the iOS emulator on my mac and ran the demo as a mobile solution. Here is where the platform really shines—because everything is already in the cloud, all we needed to do was load up our browser and we were off and running. Pat's going to work on this app some more, streamlining the UI and writing it up on for all to learn from.

Then came my part, aka the easy part after Pat warmed everyone up. We broke out our second running of Force.trivia with the winner receiving either a date with Pat, or a 32gig iPod touch. Needless to say, the iPod touch was the prize of choice. 

Twenty questions later and some healthy competition (folks were tied until about the fifteenth question) we had a winner, who despite my attempt to convince him to take the date with Pat, decided to take the iPod touch. 

If you are interested in joining one of our meetups, Steve already blogged about the next meetup in D.C on April 5th. Word to the wise—start brushing up on your Trivia. I hear this time, a date with Dave, is up for grabs 😛

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