We decided to test our @forcedotcom Trivia on Twitter. Typically hosted in pubs during our Meetups, there was the missing element of beer, but we still had some good banter! What did you think?

Here’s the Trivia Q&A: Round1

  1. recently announced we surpassed how many lines of code authored by our developer community?  (1,000,000,000)
  2. How many developer-authored test methods do we execute as part of our release process? (All of them, which is 8M +)
  3. How many active developers are part of the community? (310K)
  4. A single Apex execution can run for how long before the service terminates the request? (10minutes)
  5. Provide the method signature for inserting multiple records which fail silently on errors. (Database.insert(myCollection, false);)

Duly noted that some of these questions could have different correct answers based on interpretation. Nothing like eliciting a little debate. Next round will be tougher and more technical, so watch out.

Congrats to @alex_berg (x4), @chriswoolcott, @petergascoyne for answering the questions correctly first. And the winner of the iPod Touch drawing is …

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