I'm usually pretty excited when I get to do a webinar. For some odd reason I enjoy the early morning wake up, drinking Chai in the studio (aka the conference room we are squatting in as the sun rises over San Francisco), and the after webinar binging on egg pitas from downstairs. This webinar however, has me extra excited. On April 27th, Mike Leach, Force.com MVP and Manager of Cloud Services at Facebook, and I will be presenting Developing Mobile Force.com apps for the iPhone and iPad.

With mobile development one of the hottest trends at the moment, Mike and I wanted to take some time and offer some pointers on how to get started building mobile apps for the Cloud. And what better place to do it than using the Force.com platform. 

Of course, we wont be able to teach you how to code in Objective-C, but I've been busily updating the toolkit samples, writing some new apps, and working on some new articles to make sure that after the webinar you have everything you need to get started and build some killer apps. And hey, with Dreamforce community submissions now open, perhaps you could write an app and present it at Dreamforce?

See I told you I was excited about this webinar. First things first – register for the webinar now, and we will see you there!



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