Earlier this week in Chicago, I gave a 2hr presentation at a Morningstar Tech Talk. The subject: All About Multitenancy. From concepts, to architecture, the presentation is chock-full of my thoughts and experiences with system and database multitenancy.

Creating Scalable Multi-Tenant Architectures for the Cloud from Morningstar Tech Talks on Vimeo.

Here’s a subject timeline to help you find what you are looking for …

0:0-0:31: All Clouds are Not Equal

  • IaaS & PaaS, defined and compared
  • multitenancy defined and why it’s important
  • how multitenant architectures fuel rapid app advancement and innovation
  • Q & A

0:31-1:27: Experiences Building Database Multitenancy

  • competing challenges you’ll face
  • the multitenancy spectrum: architecture options for tenant data isolation
  • some relational and non-relational table design options
  • system-level architecture challenges
  • Q &A

1:27-End: The Multitenant Architecture of Database.com

  • overview
  • Database.com’s multitenant data model
  • Database.com’s multitenant processing architecture
  • proof of the power of multitenancy
  • Q & A

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