in the Classroom – UC Irvine | Salesforce Developers Blog

Kavindra, Nick and I spent yesterday at the beautiful UC Irvine campus in southern California, sponsoring the ‘ICS Day’ organized by the Information and Computer Sciences Student Council. There were stalls hosted by a number of sponsors, a dunk tank, which we managed to avoid (!), music, food and then a workshop in which about 70 (mostly) CS students DEVOURED the first four or five tutorials of the Workbook, motivated somewhat by the promise of prizes for the first teams to complete each tutorial!

Many thanks to the ICS Student Council, which did a great job of organizing the day, right down to some excellent chicken tikka masala, saag and rice for dinner, with gulab jamun for dessert! If you’re planning a similar event (with or without Indian food!) at your university, and you’d like the team to get involved, just let us know at

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