Picture1 A new Chatter REST API for accessing feeds, profiles, groups, followers and other social data. Creating REST services in Apex. Creating truly dynamic Visualforce pages by constructing the page markup in Apex code. Do I have your attention yet? Thought so.

Those features and more are on tap for the upcoming Summer 11 release. Dave Carroll and yours truly will be hosting a preview webinar for the Summer 11 release on May 10th (7am PST and repeated at 10am PST). We'll be discussing and demoing the cool platform features that are part of the Summer 11 release (including the ones listed above) and so get the coffee maker ready and register for the webinar here. Hope to you folks on the 10th!


p.s. Some developers might have received a promotional email listing the webinar date as May 5th. That is incorrect – the webinar is on the 10th. Sorry for any confusion that may have resulted from the email. 

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