Yes, it's the Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend and you, like me, are back at work.  And maybe, also a little like me, you're starting the day saying, "Now what?"

So let me answer that for you: you should immediately do two things.  First, sign up for the Dev Meetup that's coming to Chicago on June 7 — yes, that's right after Cloudforce Chicago and you can easily attend both.  Second, you should sign up for Dreamforce using the very special developer discount code our own Mr. Nick Tran put together for you.

I'll let the Dreamforce site tell you why you should join us there (so many cool dev sessions, for example) and here I'll focus on the Chicago Dev Meetup next week.


#5: We will have superior swag. / Ruby on Rails 3 books sets, hats, workbooks, T-shirts, mints and (not pictured here since they tend to spark surprisingly passionate requests that I mail them out) DFC stickers.  Yes: those are the highly coveted AppExchange2 mints you've read so much about.

#4: The most opinionated ISV architect / MBA candidate in Chicago Shoby Abdi will present an Introduction to the Platform.  This is an ideal session for people new to the platform.  He'll start with an overview and then lead a guided effort through our killer workbook.

#3:  I (@ReidCarlberg) will be leading a session on some of the newest features in Summer 11.  There are some great new capabilities coming out and this is your chance to get ready for them.

#2: Josh Birk, developer evangelist extraordinaire and word nerd, will cover third party app integration using OAuth and some really interesting javascript remoting features.

#1: Get a chance to network and learn from your fellow Chicago developers of all experience levels — all over awesome DePaul catered food.  (Yes, it really is very decent.)

Sign up today and join us for what will no doubt be a memorable evening.

PS For your viewing pleasure, you might enjoy Steve Bobrowski's recent presentation at Morningstar, Creating Scalable Multi-Tenant Architectures for the Cloud (here's the Vimeo).  You will learn someting for sure.

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