What did you think of our @forcedotcom Twitter Trivia yesterday? We tried to up the level this round with tougher technical questions .. although all who participated seemed to have their game on and know the Summer’11 features – well done.

Here’s the Trivia Q&A: Round2

  1. Q. What are the two other security features you need in order to use Just-In-Time User Provisioning? (A. SAML enabled SSO) 
  2. Q. Which data formats does the Chatter REST API support? (A.  JSON, XML) 
  3. Q. What new Summer’ 11 feature allows you to determine the Salesforce instance inside a trigger context? (A. System.URL) 
  4. Q. What are the supported parameter and return types for Apex REST services during Pilot? (A. Apex primitives, SObjects, List or Maps of the first two types) 
  5. Q. With the new Dynamic VF components feature, the naming convention for Apex classes that represent standard VF components is… (A. Component.Apex.Component_name)

We are open to suggestions for the next Trivia round .. and any other healthy, competitive ideas for testing our community.

Congrats to @forceguru, @devnatani, @shashi99rocks for answering all 5 questions correctly and stayed up well into the night to play. Thanks to everyone who participated! And the winner of the Flip Camera drawing is …

Ankit Arora

forceguru Ankit Arora ..

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