Twitter-Bird-3-psd31850Here's our pick of the best tweets of the week from the world of forcedotcom. Follow @forcedotcom to keep up with these characters.


Yuri Zygala
clikdudez Yuri Zygala

"Do or Do not. There is no try." Yoda teaches the @forcedotcom. Are you just trying out #forcedotcom, or doing it?



Shashikant Sharma
forceschool Shashikant Sharma

@forcedotcom @salesforce { Blog } : Dynamic Binding : Use Action Functions on Field Rendred Using Field Set -> #SFDC



Foretuit Foretuit

Watch out! NOW that @foretuit is listed on @appExchange, we're poised to be the next @forcedotcom #cloudidol at #df11.

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