If you’ve been keeping up, you already know that Josh Birk and I were up at the Wisconsin User Group today talking about apps and showing some super cool code.  Here’s a short list of the apps, Birk will be covering the code in a separate post.  Let’s take a look at the top 10 apps over the last 30 days, new apps added over the last ~90 days, and some of the apps I demoed.

Special thanks to Andy Ognenoff and Julia Napolitano for getting everything together and a huge thanks to Manpower for hosting.  You all have a great user group!

Full disclosure: there are actually 22 great apps here

Top 10 Apps, Last 30 Days

  1. Salesforce for Twitter / Facebook
  2. Milestones PM
  3. Find Nearby
  4. Graphics Pack
  5. SurveyForce
  6. Salesforce.com Adoption Dashboards (2011)
  7. Adoption Dashboards (Classic)
  8. Lead and Opportunity Management Dashboards (Classic)
  9. Salesforce.com CRM Dashboards (2011)
  10. AppExchange Dashboard Pack (Classic)

New Apps, Last ~90 Days

  1. Salesforce.com Adoption Dashboards (2011) – 7/6/2011
  2. Mass Lead Converter – 6/27/2011
  3. Salesforce.com CRM Dashboards (2011) – 6/27/2011
  4. The Chatter Game – 6/24/2011
  5. Graphics Pack – 6/13/2011
  6. Clone Related Lists – 5/23/2011
  7. Chatter Delete Blocker – 5/2/2011
  8. vCards from Leads & Contacts – 4/15/2011
  9. Chatter Translate – 4/13/2011
  10. Out of Office Notification for Chatter – 4/11/2011
  11. Chatter Bucks – 4/11/2011

Apps I Demoed Which You Should Go Look At

  • BudgetingForce – Budgets for your department or entire company (brand new this morning) – Marketing Dept (San Francisco)
  • The Chatter Game – Encourage Chatter adoption by creating point scoring goals – Chris Kemp (Toronto)
  • Mass Lead Converter – Convert multiple leads at the same time (new release yesterday) – Labs (Chicago)
  • Graphics Pack – Free, open source and public domain graphics you can use in your apps – Mark Sivill (UK)
  • Adoption Dashboards (2011) – Newly refurbished and up to date adoption dashboards for your org – Kevin Sciolino (FL)
  • salesforce.com CRM Dashboards (2011) – Newly refurbished and up to date Marketing, Sales and Service dashboards for your org – Marko Koosel (SF)
  • Coming by Monday – RFP Force – A great way to speed your RFP responses – John Sautter (NJ)
  • Coming by Monday – Campaign Inclusion Report – Narrow down your campaign member list by filtering on inclusion, exclusion or response status of other Campaigns – Labs (Chicago)

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