Alex Toussaint, Senior Product Manager (aka API czar) and yours truly recently hosted a webinar introducing Apex REST – a new Developer Preview feature in Summer ’11 that allows you to expose any custom business logic (via an Apex class) as a RESTful service. A recording of that webinar is now available here, along with an FAQ and helpful links to find additional information about Apex REST. Most experienced developers already know (and hopefully love) the REST API and the fact that you’ve been able to expose Apex classes as SOAP services for a while. You can think of the new Apex REST feature as something that combines the power of those two features – the ability to expose a REST/JSON interface (like the REST API), but have it completely customized and purpose-built (à la Apex SOAP). And the best part is that all Developer Edition Orgs already have Apex REST enabled and so you can start playing around with the feature right away.

I’ll also be blogging about the sample code that was demoed during the webinar next week and so keep an eye out for that. And now its back to our regularly programming.

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