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ServiceMax offers a complete cloud-based, collaborative, and mobile solution for field service management. Winner of the Million Dollar Challenge in 2008, the company built a successful service chain management and field service support business from the ground up on Stacey Epstein is Vice President of Marketing.

What is field service management?

Field service management optimizes the process of delivering service to a customer’s site in the field. All the white service vans you see on the road are probably on the way to a company or residence to install, upgrade, or fix something. We’re hard at work behind the scenes making that happen. Our solutions help automate scheduling and dispatch, contracts, entitlements, and parts logistics.

Why did you choose to build your business on is the backbone of our business from a technology, sales and marketing, and services standpoint. Everything we do runs alongside or on top of the platform. From the very beginning we built our product on, and from there we’ve extended it using tools from and the developer community. The AppExchange and ISVforce are prominent in our go-to-market strategy, and we work with in every way as we run our business.

What are your favorite technologies?

Chatter was a natural fit for our app and we implemented it fully, customizing it for field service. We also love all the innovations in mobile, especially the ability to quickly develop iPad apps with ServiceMax for iPad is the first and only iPad app for complete field service management, and we built it in just 2 weeks. The app, which won the prestigious TSIA Vision Award, embodies what we’re all about as a company: putting meaningful, intuitive technologies in the hands of field service technicians so they can be smarter and more productive. has helped get us to the cutting edge of our market.

What’s next for ServiceMax?

We recently announced a $14 million round of Series C funding led by Mayfield Fund, a top-tier venture firm with a 42-year history of investing in relationships. This latest round of funding comes on the heels of continued company growth and customer wins, with more than 380 percent year-over-year growth in first quarter of 2011. We’ve also added of dozens of new customers, including three Fortune 25 manufacturers and six other Fortune 500 customers.

In an industry long devoid of 21st century technology, we’re showing service firms around the world that there’s a better way than the pens and pads of paper they’re used to. We plan to continue to lead the field service market with new products that are innovative, mobile, and social.

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