Fridays can be a little ho hum at Labs HQ.  Not so this last one.  Why?  At 1:45p, this little gem came through:

“A little Friday present for you:

That from Matthew Botos of our good friends Mavens Consulting.  He added some cool link parsing to an app that takes posts from email and adds them to Chatter, Email2Chatter.  Neat.  We didn’t talk ahead of time, he didn’t ask for permission, etc.  He just went and did it.

Made my day.

I should point out a couple of things.  First, all unmanaged Labs apps are open source and are released under the BSD License.  This means you can reuse, remix and redistribute the code as you like.  Some of the code is already up on Github, but a lot isn’t.  Don’t let that stop you from taking full advantage of it.

Second, this is hardly the first time Mavens has done something cool with open source.  Check out their other interesting projects, Toolkit for Google Analytics and Smart Factory for   Why?  Matthew notes,

“Mavens believes in open source. We use it to solve challenges for our life sciences clients and want to grow the community. Our goal is to build the Toolkit for Google Analytics and SmartFactory for into useful tools available to everyone.”

Matthew is attending Dreamforce and so should you.  I’ll be hosting three interesting sessions on and open source and Matthew will be leading one called Beyond the Toolkit for iOS which will have a very cool surprise or two in it for you mobile devs.

Thanks for making my day, Matthew.  Great stuff!

Follow Matthew Botos and Reid Carlberg on Twitter.  You might also enjoy Reid’s random posts on that newfangled Google+.  

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