Over the past few months, the Force.com crew have been playing a little game called Force.trivia at many of our Developer Meetups. The concept is simple: we pose Force.com related questions, you out-geek the other folks in the audience, and you win prizes. Simple really. Think of it like pub-trivia for your mind.

I am excited to announce that we are bringing the game to the Force.com DevZone at Dreamforce 2011. But we are going to kick it up a notch, and pull questions related to Force.com, Heroku, and Database.com. Hey, it’s Dreamforce after all! Here’s a run down on the throw-down (click here if you want to skip to how to register, and win awesome prizes):

1. The game shall be conducted over two sessions. The first scheduled on Tuesday August 30th at 5:00, with the second session, scheduled on Friday September 2nd at 11:30am.

2. There will be a total of six first round bouts, with fives bouts in session one, and bout six plus finals in session two.

3. The top scorer in each round will move into the Semi-Finals, with two semi-final rounds sorting out the who moves into the Grand Finals. Two people from each semi-final round will compete for first, second and third place.

4. Your MCs, and final audicators, will be yours truly, and Cliff McQuirter, an uber-smart Salesforce dude, and one of the folks responsible for putting together the Certified Architect exam.

Now, the important stuff.

We are looking for a total of 18 competitors to test their Force.com knowledge. Questions will range from general admin(ish) questions, all the way up to coding brain teasers like you will see on the Certified Architect exam. Expect the questions to get harder as the rounders go by. Hey, did you expect cool prizes for nothing?

Awesome prizes

So, how do you win these awesome prizes? It all starts by getting in the game! Login into the Dreamforce app, follow the Cloud Trivia session, and post a message on the Chatter feed with the #cloudtriviadf11 hashtag indicating you want to compete. Show up for the sessions, and we will identify who will be competing for the prizes, and title of inaugural Cloud Trivia champion.

If you are not selected to compete, don’t worry, we will have some questions to pose to the audience in each session too. If you answer correctly, you can win a prize—not to mention the awe of your fellow developers as you walk away with the goods!

Why are you still reading? Follow the Cloud Trivia session, and brush off your knowledge.  Watson aint got nothing on you!

Who knows, we may even drop a few hints in the Chatter feed to help you know what to study…..

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