Please join us at IEEE Cloud 2011, July 4-9, Washington, DC. At the show, I’ll be giving two sessions that might be of interest.

  • On Monday, July 4, at the “Cloud 2011 Summer School”, I’ll be presenting the “Cloud Development and Deployment” tutorial. Designed for developers by developers, this workshop mixes presentations with hands-on coding exercises that teach you how to build a cloud app using the world’s premier cloud platform, This tutorial will provide you with a deeper understand of cloud computing and help you build a fully functional cloud app that you can extend on your own. Three full hours of hands-on training, workbook included!
  • On Wednesday, July 6, I’m presenting my paper, “Optimal Multitenant Designs for Cloud Apps.” Often overlooked by application architects, multitenancy is the core technology of a cloud that controls how it shares computing resources among applications. Two basic approaches for multitenancy will be discussed, virtual and organic multitenancy, along with the benefits and disadvantages of each approach. Then you will discover why the database that supports a cloud app is a critical consideration, and learn about emerging cloud database options that promise to simplify the development and management of apps executing in the cloud. Along the way, we’ll draw conclusions about which types of solutions best fit particular application scenarios.

Hope to see you there. Please tweet me @sbob909 if you have any questions.

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