Next week, the crew is heading to my old home town, Boston for a double-header bigger than the big green monster at Fenway.

First up, we have a Developer Meetup the evening of July 13th, in Waltham. As usual, we break these evenings up in to two tracks: one focused on new developers, and another track targetted at more advanced developers, where we discuss a topic of current interest to the community. Kuntal Vahalia, one of my favorite Salesforce collegues, a wicked, smart guy (see how I used the local Boston, lingo? Yep, I’m down with it), and uber knowledgable on integration, will be presenting track one. Yours truly will be presenting track two, which will be all things mobile (I have some fun surprises in store too…you will have to register to find out what they are!!)
If a night of code, carbohydrates, and conversation is not enough, Kuntal and I will be presenting a day long Developer Workshop on July 14th. Talk to your local Account Exec about registering to attend this event (last I heard the event was ‘sold out’, if a free event can be sold out? The more people who express interest however, will make it easier for us to come back to Boston again soon!) The Developer Workshops are a deep dive into all aspects of the platform, and a great way to get some hands on experience, talk to other companies to see what they are doing in the Cloud, and meet some new peeps who might be going to Dreamforce. Remeber, as a developer, we encourage you to save money for your next gadget, by using the Dreamforce Developer discount!

See you next week in Boston! I’ll be the one going back for seconds at Finale, and attempting to stuff my suitcase full of Canolis from Mike’s Pastry. Does it get any sweeter?

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