The wait is over. You have before you the Top 16 Apps that made the cut for AppQuest ’11. What happens next is up to you–their destiny falls squarely in your hands.

Starting today through August 5th, you’ll be able to cast your vote via the official AppQuest bracket. Each Top 16 app has its own listing on the following AppQuest ’11 page that you can “Like” (hint: you’ll need to “Like” the page first). App listings with the most “Likes” in their respective bracket pairings will advance to the next round, so don’t waste any time and votes for all the apps you think deserve to make it to the Top 8!

Over the next few days, we’ll be profiling all 16 apps in the reverse order they appear in the bracket. Here are the first 4:

  • TaskRay by BracketLabs is an agile task and project management application—perfect for Marketing, Sales and IT teams looking to get things done! Vote
  • Learnsmarter by Training Manager Pro provides instant eCommerce and back office solutions for organizations that sell training. Vote
  • SEO for Salesforce by Demand Results enables marketers to improve SEO performance with revenue-based strategies, working seamlessly within Salesforce. Vote
  • OneWay Commerce by Propelware enables users to create a social e-commerce storefront on Facebook. Vote

Can’t get enough? Go to the bracket now and discover the rest. And remember, Round 1 voting closes August 5th, with the Top 8 apps announced August 10th.

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