With just 2 days left to vote on the Top 16 apps, the heat is on. Which 8 apps will make it to the next round, and which 4 will get to go to Dreamforce ’11? Get your vote on using the official contest bracket and make your selections today.

As part of our daily app spotlight, here is a profile of the last 4 apps:

  • Engage by iActionable is the first complete gamification of Salesforce, focusing your users’ behavior to increase adoption, compliance and productivity. Vote
  • Accounting Cloud by Accounting Seed is a fully integrated accrual accounting solution available within Salesforce. Vote
  • GoLocal by CronSights helps make local time-differences a non-issue when creating tasks, planning calls, and scheduling events with leads and contacts in other time zones. Vote
  • Memonic Clipper by PARXChannel lets you collect information on prospects straight from the web right into Salesforce. No copy pasting. Just clip, and go. Vote

Missed our other profiles? Check them out here, ici y por aqui. As a reminder, Round 1 voting closes August 5th, with the Top 8 apps announced August 10th.

REMINDER: For those of you going to Dreamforce ’11, don’t forget to register for the AppQuest ’11 Grande Finale, Tuesday August 30th at 5pm (add it to your Agenda Builder). See the Top 4 present in front of an all-star judging panel (announcement, coming soon!), and watch, live, as we crown the next Cloud Idol.

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