Only 3 more days left to cast your vote for which of the AppQuest ’11 Top 16 apps will make it to the Top 8. Voting is easy. Check out the official contest bracket and put in your selections now. And remember, it’s fine–even encouraged–to vote for more than just one app. Each of them break ground in their own way, and you don’t want to miss the innovation coming out of our ecosystem.

We’ve been profiling 4 apps a day as they appear in their bracket section. Only 2 of these app will make it to the next round, so you can have a direct impact on how they fare. Today’s 4 apps are:

  • Foretuit empowers a social enterprise by providing the front office and executive management with real-time predictive analytics tied to employee communications. Vote.
  • Skoodat Image by Skoodat helps you upload, organize, and visualize images within your Salesforce org.Vote
  • Ariba Contracts on by Ariba brings contract management to the social enterpris. Vote
  • Sales Contest Builder by ePrize lets you create a sales contest for your organization in 6 easy steps. Vote

Miss the last two profiles? Check them out here and here. As a reminder, Round 1 voting closes August 5th, with the Top 8 apps announced August 10th.

REMINDER: For those of you going to Dreamforce ’11, don’t forget to register for the AppQuest ’11 Grande Finale, Tuesday August 30th at 5pm (add it to your Agenda Builder). See the Top 4 present in front of an all-star judging panel (announcement, coming soon!), and watch, live, as we crown the next Cloud Idol.

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