What a month it’s been. We began AppQuest with 16 killer cloud apps. Over 11,000 of you then voted on who should make the Top 8, and then the Final Four. Well here they are, they flexed their social muscle and rocked the vote. Please join us in congratulating Ariba, iActionable, Bunchball and Memonic on making it to Dreamforce ’11.

What happens next is up to our judges: Mike Gerholdt, Brett Queener, Gordon Ritter and Robert Scoble aka Scobleizer. On August 30th, at 5pm, our 4 teams will duke it out on stage live, at Dreamforce. Only one app will get to be crowned the next Cloud Idol.

Going to Dreamforce ’11? Then register for this can’t miss session today using Agenda Builder.

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