Just Released – Data Loader Command Line Video | Salesforce Developers Blog

Data Loader is a great utility for importing, updating or deleting lots of data in your orgs whether they are Salesforce CRM or Force.com. You can fire it up and step through the UI to do all these tasks.

But it’s rare that you just need to import or update data on a one-off basis. Usually you need to import leads every night or grab updated data from another system on a regular basis. This is where the Data Loader command line comes in handy because you can use it to automate regular data processing tasks.

If you’ve ever used the Data Loader command line then you know that it’s not exactly, well, intuitive. Most people use a combination of docs + trial and error to get it set up. To help you get a jump-start with the command line, we’ve created a new video that steps you through the process. Check it out here:

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