This is a guest post from Twilio

As the exclusive sponsor of the Dreamforce Hackathon and a sponsor of the Dreamforce Dev Zone, we at Twilio want to be abundantly clear on one thing: we love developers. You could argue that we designed our cloud telephony platform to be dead-simple because we think simplicity is beautiful. You could argue that simple APIs are just better because…well, just because. But you’d be missing something. That something, you see, is that we love you, developers. We are hosting the Dreamforce Hackathon because we want you to be awesome and build awesome communications apps to prove your awesomeness.

Just look at GroupMe. In just about a year, they went from building their group messaging app on Twilio at the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon (in 12 hours, no less) to selling their company to Skype for untold tens of millions of dollars. Awesome. Unambiguously awesome.

So what can you build on Twilio and Salesforce during the Dreamforce Hackathon? Lots of stuff. With Twilio, you can quickly and easily build apps that make and receive phone calls or send text messages. You can even build VoIP apps that make phone calls from a web browser.
Check out Twilio’s Dreamforce page to see what some of our partners have done. If that whets your appetite, check out Twilio’s documentation.

Like any good hackathon, this one will feature a contest. We will be looking for the best use of any of Twilio’s APIs. Creativity, originality, business potential and completeness will be the primary criteria.

We will also be in the DevZone, all day, every day. Even if you don’t want to hack, come by to chat. We love talking to developers.

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