At Dreamforce ’11, we’ve got some brilliant sessions for those of you looking to learn more about using the platform in an enterprise setting, as well simply developing within an enterprise like itself. I talked recently about Jenkins, which was brought to my attention by James Hatton for the session “Continous Integration in the Cloud” this year, which he’ll be co-presenting with Alexis Williams.  If you haven’t read the blog post summary of it, Jenkins is a free Continuous Integration solution forked off the Hudson project, which runs via Java to host a highly configurable build structure.  Because it can already integrate with nearly every source control platform on the planet, and supports Ant based build out of the box … Jenkins is already perfectly suitable for the platform.  Our own Simon Fell has also created a Chatter plugin for Jenkins, for even better communication and integration.  It’s a topic which comes up a lot for larger teams and I’ve seen plenty of clients struggle to go from the size where they don’t feel the need for CI to where they desperately need it … so it’s never too early to sign up for this session.  Join them Wednesday at 3:30.

Another common area developers look for tips and tricks on is debugging Apex itself.  Apex is a brilliant cloud language, but many developers are familiar with their own tools and assets for debugging, which the cloud based nature of Apex doesn’t always provide the same way.  And there’s nobody better to learn from about debugging Apex than the man himself, Taggart Matthiesen, Product Director of Apex, and Techncial Solutions Architect Anand Narasimhan.  Join them for “Debugging Apex: Tools and Techniques” on Wednesday at 2:00.

Finally, must mention the always popular “Agile Development at“, which hosts a panel of veterans talking about how the company manages to deploy complex and powerful releases to millions of users several times a year.  They’re making sure to leave plenty of time for your questions this year, so come prepared to walk up to the microphone and have our experts inform you how Agile gets done at  “Agile Development at” is at 3:30 on Tuesday.

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