Dreamforce is here.  Wow.  That was fast!  If you’re a fan of Force.com Labs, I’d love to meet you.  In fact, I’ve set up two dedicated times.

Note: I’ll send out updates from time to time. Follow @ReidCarlberg on Twitter and Reid Carlberg in the Dreamforce app.

The first is Tuesday from 7p-8p.  I have that time set aside in the Open Source Lab for general Labs app discussion, meeting developers, talking about apps, etc.  Don’t worry: there’s a reception going on in the Dev Zone, too, so there will be plenty to eat and drink, as well as lots of cool devs to talk to.

The second is Friday from 8:30a-9:30a.   It will also be in the Open Source Lab and will be a great time to discuss how all these great Dreamforce announcements will impact the labs.  Yes, 8:30a Friday is a little early but what the heck: it’s what we’re all here for, isn’t it?

Force.com Labs is doing quite a bit this year.  Check out some of these other Force.com Labs ideas.


And there’s lots more than that.  As you go through the Campground and the dev zone, ask the staffers you meet about what they’ve developed on the platform.  There’s a tremendous amount of dev talent here at Dreamforce and you will hear some great ideas.

See you soon!

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