This year, the Lightning Forum is back and better than ever!   We have booked almost 40 30-minute talks taking place over the course of Dreamforce by industry giants such as Google and IBM, plus partners such Appirio, Twilio, StackMob and DocuSign.  Also, several employees and MVPs will share their best practices, tips and tricks.  Topics vary widely and are promised to be informative and helpful.

Just a quick glance at the variety of experience amongst our list of speakers reveals a wide range of companies, ideas and disciplines—more than any available in any one place of the DevZone.  We have CEOs, CTOs, PhDs, accessibility experts, authors, researchers, and much, much more!

As an added bonus, we will be giving away free copies of Jason Ouellette’s book: ‘Development with the Platform’ during his two speaking times—4 PM on Tuesday, 8/30 and 2 PM on Thursday, 9/1.  Quantities are limited.  First come, first served.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

11:00 AM – Wes Nolte: Team Development Strategies and Tools on the Platform,

11:30 AM – Mark Sivill: 0-3-30 Labs,

12:00 PM – John Henning: Not Your Momma’s Certification: Certified Advanced Developer Explained –

12:30 PM – Indrajit Sen, Ryan Ellis & Michael Farrington: How helped me turn my skills into a business –

1:00 PM – Kowsik Guruswamy:  Performance Testing Apps on – Mu Dynamics

1:30 PM – Jeff Douglas:  How to Crowdsource Cloud Development  –  Appirio

2:00 PM – Bradley Herman:  Success Through Serendipity in the Social Enterprise –

2:30 PM – Christian Schalk:  Storing Your Application’s Data in the Google Cloud – Google

3:00 PM – Rob Johnson: Your Guide to Understanding the Twitter API – Gnip

3:30 PM – Ty Amell: Building Mobile Apps with StackMob & Heroku – StackMob

4:00 PM – Jason Ouellette: Development with the Platform, 2nd Edition – Addison-Wesley

4:30 PM – Kyle Christensen:  The Death of the “Buy” Button – Zuora

5:00 PM – Ryan Guest:  Building HTML5 and CSS3 Websites with Siteforce –

5:30 PM – Ian Brown:  Using Erlang to build apps with the APIs –

6:00 PM – Dave Johnson: PhoneGap Build: Compiling Cross-Platform Mobile Apps in the Cloud – Nitobi

6:30 PM – Brian Moore:  Building Native Smartphone Apps Quickly with Rhodes – Rhomobile

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

11:00 AM – Chris Kemp:  Swarming and Gamification in the Enterprise –

11:30 AM – Dave Messinger: Gamification: Why it’s not a bad word – Appirio

12:00 PM – Nia Samady:  How the Partner Premier Support program benefits developers –

12:30 PM – Bradley Herman: Serendipity in Chatter –

1:00 PM – Aviva Rosenstein:  Brain Hacks for Designing Usable Web Applications –

1:30 PM – Petr Olmer:  Embed GoodData Analytics in Your Apps  – GoodDat

2:00 PM – Richard Vanhook & Joel Dietz: Get to know apex-lang, a helper library for Apex programmers – EDL Consulting/Titania, Inc.

2:30 PM – Brian Doll:  Revisiting “The Fallacies of Distributed Computing” in the Cloud Era – New Relic

3:00 PM – Mike Borozdin:  Implementing DocuSign eSignature for an ISV partner – Docusign

3:30 PM – Mike Borozdin:  Implementing DocuSign eSignature for an SI partner – Docusign

4:00 PM – David Dieck:  Strengthen the Caller Experience by Integrating the Phone with – Angel

4:30 PM – Kim Wallins:  Cloud Developer Job Roles & Openings With Top Companies! – Hire On-Demand

5:00 PM – Nick Bailey & Derek D’Souza: Foundation: A Developer’s Perspective – Foundation

5:30 PM – Neil Mansilla:  Interactive API Docs: Solving Pain for Developers and API Providers – Mashery, Inc.

6:00 PM – Dan Podsedly:  Agile development team collaboration with Pivotal Tracker – Pivotal Labs

Thursday, September 1, 2011

1:30 PM – Larry Yusuf :  Simplified Tooling for Connecting the Cloud – IBM

2:00 PM – Jason Ouellette:  Development with the Platform, 2nd Edition – Addison-Wesley

Friday,  September 2, 2011

9:00 AM – Guillaume Lenoble:  AppExchange Labs: A selection of cool and free apps –

9:30 AM – Mark Biamonte:  No App Left Behind – Progress DataDirect

10:00 AM – Jesse Hausler :  Universal Design – Applications that Work for Everyone –

10:30 AM – Kim Wallins: Cloud Developer Career Path – Hire On-Demand

11:00 AM – Terry Woloszyn:  Addressing Sensitive Data Requirements for Cloud Adoption – Perspecsys

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