This is a guest post by StackMob

We at StackMob are looking for the next generation of social-enterprise mobile applications that will enable workers to be as productive in the field as they are in the office.

Judges will be looking for apps that are innovative and useful to the mobile workforce. These can either be generally useful, like tools for meetings, organization, project management or document annotation, or industry-specific, such as helping sales people or lawyers handle workflows and day-to-day responsibilities unique to their professions.

Finally, we want to see apps that are built on StackMob + Heroku. Make sure you can engage your users with StackMob’s push notifications, and use StackMob’s API creation, which turns your data model into a secured REST API in minutes, so you can spend more time on the client differentiating aspects of your app’s user experience. We want creative UI/UX and a useful app that you can use and share information with at work.

In short, we want apps that ROCK. Winner get’s $1,000 (That’s right, I said it, a G!) Be the ONE by building a social-enterprise mobile app using StackMob + Heroku

Users will need to signup for Heroku Beta Access.  Click here for docs.

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