AppQuest ’11 Winner Bunchball interviewed on Salesforce Live | Salesforce Developers Blog

Missed the action at Dreamforce ’11? Then mosey on up to YouTube, and check out the Salesforce Live segment featuring AppQuest ’11 winner: Nitro for Salesforce by Bunchball, taken only a few minutes after their historic win!

Watch as Rajat Paharia, Chief Product Officer at Bunchball, shares his experiences competing in AppQuest ’11 and building on You’ll learn that it only took him six weeks to build their revolutionary app that brings motivation to Salesforce CRM via game-style mechanics. Six. Weeks. That’s just one of the advantages of building on the leading enterprise cloud computing platform.

Rajat is joined by AppQuest judges Robert Scoble and Mike Gerholdt who share their insights on Bunchball’s app, building on, as well as some handy tips for anyone looking to win AppQuest ’12. You heard it first.

The segment is hosted by’s Head of Platform Research Peter Coffee.

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