Oh, it seems like just a week ago we were in full swing at Dreamforce with the DevZone being the place to be for developers. The demand and excitement for all the new workbooks, and hands on labs, was so high we thought we’d do it again – this time for Cloudforce London.

That’s right, we are here in London-town for the few days at Cloudforce with a bunch of Developer sessions, and of course, a little helping of Force.trivia at a local pub after hours for a Dev Meetup. (a wee little birdie also told me that we might be testing out a little mobile-device version of Force.trivia too!)

Here’s the run down of Developer activities during Cloudforce, London at the Royal Festival Hall:

Developer Theater

The Developer Theater will be running all day for both days, after the keynote. We will be covering topics relating to the current workbooks, in short 30 min presentations, with the ability to get hands on right outside in the DevZone to deploy your first iPad app, push your Java project to Heroku, and much more.

12:15: Intro to Force.com

12:50: Writing code for Force.com (Visualforce & Apex)

13:30: Introduction to Siteforce

14:05: Developing Mobile Apps for Force.com & Database.com

14:40: Socail App Development with the Chatter API

15:15: Getting started with Java on Heroku

15:50: Integrating with Force.com with APIs

16:30: Creating Cloud Apps for the iPhone & iPad

17:05: Introduction to Database.com

17:40: Introduction to Heroku

Developer Meetup (aka Beer-bash) Sept. 14th 18:30-21:00 @ The Mulberry Bush

Directly following the wrap up of Cloudforce on Wednesday (the 14th), the Force.com crew will be hosting a Developer meetup to keep the party going. Come and join us for some fun, play some Force.trivia, and help to build the community one pint at a time. Due to numbers, if you are planning on attending the beer-bash (and why wouldn’t you?), make sure you pick up your wrist band from the DevZone throughout the day, otherwise Sandeep the Cloud bouncer might not let you in. (he’s been working on his evil stare especially for this event!)

Time for me to go help setup the DevZone. See you all soon gov’ner!

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