You may have noticed that the recordings for all the Dreamforce sessions are now available on the YouTube channel. I did a quick sweep of my favorite developer sessions, and listed my top 10 (in no particular order).

1. Platform State of Union

If you want to know what’s happening now and over the next year in & Heroku, look at the Platform State of the Union.

2. Blazing fast Visualforce Pages

One of my favorite Visualforce presentations ever. Not only is the content amazing, but it is a great example on how to give an effective presentation.

3. Writing effective triggers for (and

Sometimes it is always the small things that make all the difference. This presentation contains so many nuggets of developer gold

4. Apex Design Patterns

I am a HUGE fan of design patterns. I technology changes so often, patterns are the holy grail of re-use.

5. Developing Mobile Apps for &

Want to understand the best way to build  mobile apps in the Cloud? Check out this session.

6. Fireside Chat: Java in the Cloud

I love the fireside chat format. They allow a great, casual dialog.

7. Introduction to programming with Apex

Great overview for getting starting with Apex.

8. Mashing up the Cloud with toolkits

Pat gives you a quick peak into some of the updates to the for Facebook toolkit. Look for a new release of the toolkit soon which takes advantage of the native JSON support available in Winter ’12

9. The Next Step of Evolution in the REST API

Some great material and insight into the REST API by the Product Managers who make it happen.

10. Your API is so 2006

Delyn Simons from Mashery gave a great presentation about how APIs have fundamentally changed over the past few years. This was a great session.

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