Model Metrics built its business around delivering consulting services and custom cloud development. Today, the company has more than 500 customers, including some of the world’s most well-known brands, and is a leader in enterprise deployments, custom mobile solutions, Service Cloud implementations, and social media integration. Dave Dahlberg is the CMO.

How has your business evolved with the growth of cloud computing?

Our business was initially focused on small sales force automation and CRM implementations using the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. We could see early on, though, that the cloud would soon expand to all aspects of enterprise computing. Today we offer a full range of services, including cloud strategy and custom application development, data migration, training, and more. We’re also helping customers transition to the social enterprise.

What’s the best thing about partnering with

One of the best things about partnering with is getting insight into the technology vision that Marc and the rest of the company promotes. essentially created the cloud for business, and it continues to push the envelope every day. Our partnership is the core of our business, and makes the value we provide to our clients immeasurable.

How does help you deliver what customers want? gives us the best of both worlds. We can leverage the robust infrastructure built by while leveraging the platform’s flexibility to build solutions exactly to our customers’ requirements. It’s also an extremely open platform, which has enabled us to build anything customers want.

We developed our 2GO application, for example, using Adobe Flex, AIR, and to address customer demand for enterprise-class mobile cloud solutions that are scalable, highly customizable, and easy to implement. One of our large customers—Zimmer—has taken advantage of 2GO to roll out a mobile strategy for its field reps to improve sales effectiveness. Whether employees are using iPads, iPhones, or Android smart phones, they can easily access the information they need on any mobile device, while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

What are some of the other mobile apps you’ve built?

Customer demand for mobile apps is exploding. In fact, we just announced that the number of mobile projects we completed this year grew by 600 percent. We built an app called Wealth Manager with to give financial advisors an elegant view of their customer portfolio on an iPad. It also provides detailed investment, personal, and contact information about each customer. Digital Sales Aid, which we built and deployed for multiple customers, provides field sales agents with a platform for quickly presenting sales information (videos, datasheets, presentations, etc.) to prospects on Android-based tablets or iPads. It takes just a few clicks to navigate to the right sales tool, and looks fantastic. You can now find a new version of Digital Sales Aid that can be configured by anyone on the AppExchange.

How has the vision of the social enterprise changed your conversations with clients?

Like, we discuss the social enterprise in every initial meeting we have with customers. It’s been amazing, just in the last 6 months, to see the increase in interest in what social can bring to the table. It will be exciting to see what the next 6 months will bring.

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