We’ve seen the feedback on Twitter and in the Dreamforce org about how hard it is to figure out what’s changed in recent versions of the Winter ’12 release notes.  We’ve heard you, and we’re here to address your concerns by posting some of the latest additions.  These are some of the big updates we’ve made since the beginning of October.

New section: “Winter ’12 Features Available After the Release”

This new section of the release notes contains a list of delayed features and the dates they’re scheduled to be deployed.

Includes:  Cloud Flow Designer (Beta), Likes on Comments, Social Contacts, Dashboard Filters, and Customers in Private Chatter Groups

Chatter REST API Enhancements

The Users and Groups resource photos can now be updated with a file that has already been uploaded. Use the new request parameter fileId with the POST HTTP method and the photo resource for either Users or Groups. You can specify either to upload a photo or to use an existing file: you cannot specify both.

Single Sign-On Changes

If you change your Single Sign-On settings, your sandbox Single Sign-On can be disrupted. The login history entries read “SAML Idp Initiated SSO – Failed: Recipient Mismatched.” This is caused by differences between the Identity Provider’s ACS URL configuration and the value of the Salesforce Login URL on the Single Sign-On Settings page.

Chatter Desktop Enhancements

Users can now send and receive private Chatter messages in Chatter Desktop.

Chatter for BlackBerry Devices Enhancements

  • The Chatter mobile app for BlackBerry is compatible with BlackBerry devices running OS 7.0.
  • Push notifications available for Chatter for BlackBerry (this was a late change in Summer ’11 and may not have been visible to everyone, so it was included in the Winter ’12 release notes as well).
  • The Chatter mobile app for BlackBerry can be connected to BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), the instant messenger application included on BlackBerry devices.

Keep an eye on this space and on our Doc team Twitter handle, @salesforcedocs, for further updates about changes in the Winter ’12 doc set.  For future releases, we’re working on making it even easier to keep abreast of all of the Release Notes updates.

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