It’s been a little while since I posted so you might be wondering, “What’s up with Labs updates?”

Well, wonder no more!

First, let me highlight three recent app fixes you might find interesting.

  • EmailMessage Attachment Reattacher — This little app, a classic from 2008, helps you with Email2Case.  When an email message comes in with an attachment, this app moves that attachment from the EmailMessage to the Case.
  • Opportunity Primary Contact Role Required — Another classic that helps ensure users are flagging a contact a primary once an opportunity reaches a certain stage.  Decent.  An interesting improvement would be require a primary contact when the probability is above X%.
  • Case History — Another small one that queries a bunch of Case child relationships and displays them one on screen.  It was doing a round trip to sort the records, but now uses Tablesorter.

Second, there’s a supercool app now over on the Developerforce Github account called Jetstream.  If you are not into Java, feel free to fast forward. If Java is your thing and you want to use the Streaming API (and why wouldn’t you?), check out Jetstream.  It helps you tie the Streaming API to your Java app with just a few lines of code.  Looking for a reason to use it?  Do this: create an app that plots newly added leads to Google Map, in real time.  Fun!

Next, we’ve decommissioned a few apps that are now standard features: Chatter Super Follow / Unfollow Buttons, Chatter Email and Chatter Live.

Finally, there’s also a healthy pipeline of new apps, more than a dozen in different stages of development.  Stay tuned!

As a reminder, Labs apps are open source and available on  There are 47 repositories posted today and we love contributions of any kind.

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