One of the most popular (and highly rated) sessions at this year’s Dreamforce was the Flow/Visual Workflow: A Guide for Developers session. That is a testament to both the product and the speaker – Rajaram “Raja” Varadarajan (PM for the Visual Workflow product). Visual Workflow supports the development and deployment of business processes in Starting in Winter ’12, the development environment for defining these business processes is a very cool, 100% browser based WSIWSG, drag-and-drop tool – the Cloud Flow Designer.

On October 17th Raja will be hosting a webinar that will cover building business processes (aka ‘Flows’) using the new Cloud Flow Designer. In addition, Raja will also cover how you can extend/customize your Flows by calling out to custom business logic written in Apex. He will also talk about embedding Flows in a Visualforce page so that you can develop complex multi-page wizards in VF without writing any code. You can sign up for either the 7am or 10am PST webinar run here.

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