Watch and Learn – New Platform & Developer Videos in Winter ’12 | Salesforce Developers Blog

Like to learn by watching? Winter ’12 includes some great new videos from the Doc team!

  • Building a Website with Siteforce (3:00) – Follow along as we create a custom website for sample company BitsWest.
    (Bonus points if you can identify the cloud-computing company whose headquarters is pictured in the example.)
  • Editing and Managing Content with Siteforce (2:53) – Learn how to update your website’s content, edit and format text, and add images and links.
  • Introducing (4:12) -We’ll show you how to create a schema, formula fields, lookup fields, and validation rules for hosted and mobile applications.

If you’d like to see more videos showcasing features, visit the “Short Takes” page.

For a complete list of all Winter ’12 videos, including non-Platform topics such as Chatter, check out the “Doc Enhancements” section of the Winter ’12 Release Notes.

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