It’s been a few weeks since I blogged anything. I’ve been on vacation in Peru getting my fill of clouds of the natural variety, and enjoying the sites and Developer community in Montreal. Now, back on deck in HQ, I had a chance to check out the Developer Force events agenda.

As usual, things are moving fast. Cloudforce NYC is coming up quick. I will be presenting a session titled “Five Developer tips every Admin should know“, and having some fun in the campground. Before Cloudforce though, there are a bunch of Heroku events that I am looking forward to.

Tomorrow night, at the Hacker Dojo, in Mountain View, CA, Sandeep and James are presenting an Introduction to Heroku for local developers with plenty of free food, code, and conversation. I’ve presented a number of times at the Hacker Dojo. It’s a great venue for networking. Hopefully we will see you there.

If you are not local, and unable to attend the Hacker Dojo event, we also have a webinar on November 18th. This webinar, presented by Ryan Diagle and Dylan Stamat, will cover how to Develop and deploy Ruby apps on Heroku. With all the exciting news around new languages like Java, Node.js, Clojure etc. being supported on Heroku, we often forget where it all started – the elegant, massively productive Ruby language. If you are considering how to start with Ruby, and the cloud, make sure you sign up for this webinar.

And that is just the next 2 weeks!

The remainder of November looks packed full of Developer events. December is looking just as busy. I am glad I took my vacation when I did.

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