For those of you looking for a particularly technical way to honor Veterans Day this year, you should look no further than the Veterans HackDay 2011, an event brought to you jointly by LinkedIn and the White House.  This online contest will be taking project submissions starting on Friday the 11th through Monday the 14th.  And what better platform for rapidly creating a situational app than

As with all good hackathons, the rules state that all the code should be written during the length of the contest.  The website give some great ideas as well as data sets which may be useful in the creation of your project.  First place prize is a Macbook Air, second place is an iPad 2 and the third place prize is an Amazon Gift Card.  Of course all runner ups have the prize of feeling like they contributed to the needs of veterans instead of observing the holiday by drinking beer and watching a local sports event (or for the gamers in the audience, playing Modern Warfare 3).

On twitter you can follow @LinkedInEng to get more up to date announcements.  I’ll be trying to carve time in myself to get something together and if successful will blog the results of my labor next week.  Hop to it, developers – let’s show the veterans what we’re made of.

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