The Salesforce Limits Quick Reference Guide is your one-stop shop for limits in the Salesforce app and the platform. It was first published in Spring ’11 and is updated every release when new limits get added.

You’ll notice that the guide has two main sections.

  • The Salesforce Application Limits section contains limits that pertain to end-user features and products in the Salesforce app. You can find limits that vary by edition by quickly scanning the Salesforce Features and Editions Limits table. Or inspect a section that groups related limits like the Analytics Limits or the Sites Limits.
  • The Platform Limits section aggregates the limits that are most useful to developers, such as Apex, API, and Visualforce limits.

The limits for a organization are a subset of the platform limits. You can find out more about those limits by checking out the “ Limits” topic HTML | PDF in the Getting Started Guide.

We hope this guide will help you quickly find a limit you’re looking for! Don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us by posting a comment.

Note: The stated limits aren’t a promise that the specified resource is available at its limits in all circumstances. For example, load, performance and other system issues might prevent some limits from being reached. Also, the guide doesn’t include limits of user interface elements, field lengths, or limits for desktop clients.

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