A few years ago, I heard about a new open-source web app framework called Ruby on Rails. I noticed an early buzz around Ruby on Rails and just knew that I had to learn more about it.

My gut was right. Since my first look at Ruby on Rails, it has become one of the most popular web app development frameworks in use today, and has no doubt influenced many other web app development frameworks.

Once I developed a couple of RoR apps, I needed to decide where to deploy. After some research, I decided to try out a fledgling, innovative cloud platform called Heroku. Wow, was that a great decision on my part. Why?

As I discovered, Heroku makes it ridiculously easy to deploy and then run your RoR app. After you create the app and get it into a git repository, all it takes to deploy it is a “git push”. And to make your app highly available and scalable, all it takes is a simple Procfile configuration. After that, Heroku takes care of most everything else.

Whether you are a developer, administrator, CIO, CTO, whether you are singly focused on Force.com or a polyglot, you owe it to yourself to learn more about Ruby on Rails and Heroku. And I have a perfect solution to help get you started.

Register for and attend our free webinar, which takes place November 18. Hope you can make it.

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