Developer Edition organizations will soon have a new Apex runtime. Read on to learn more.

On Friday, December 16, 2011 In January 2012, Developer Edition (DE) organizations will have a new Apex runtime that compiles directly to Java bytecode. This modification will deliver significant improvements in performance and scalability. And most orgs won’t have to change a line of code — everything will simply continue to work as it does now, only faster.

[UPDATE (December 19, 2012): Due to some internal requirements, the roll out of the new Apex runtime in DE orgs has been postponed until January 2012. Check back here for updates as they become available. Sorry for the delay. –Steve]

The new runtime implementation also means that each Apex method will now be bound by the Java bytecode limit of 64K. While this new limit is sizeable and adequate for all sensible methods, orgs that have methods exceeding this new limit will require attention.

We’ve already identified orgs with exceedingly large methods, notified them directly, and given them instructions on how to handle most situations. Unless you’ve received such a notification at your org’s primary email address, you’re in the clear. If you have received a notification, please take action before we implement the new runtime, as instructed.

In any case, if you are concerned about your org’s Apex routines, it’s really simple to confirm that everything is running smoothly. After Friday, simply run all tests in your org. This action will force a compile of all your source files and flag any class/trigger that is outside the new runtime limit.

We hope you enjoy the performance benefits of the new Apex runtime.

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