Last year around this time we launched the MVP program. This program recognizes outstanding contributions of community members who share their deep technical knowledge for the benefit of others, and shape our community with their leadership.

It is time again to open up nominations for the next round of developer-focused, MVPs! There isn’t any set formula, or particular activity that makes a person an MVP, but some of the typical hallmarks might include prolific publishing, deep technical knowledge, and community networking.

If you know an outstanding contributor, please nomination them for the recognition they deserve. Just send us an email telling us what they have accomplished for the stewardship of the community. Early next year, we’ll closely examine the nominations and determine who meets our high standards to be called a MVP!

As a side note: MVPs is a sister program to the Salesforce CRM Community MVPs – these programs are adjacent to each other. An MVP may be recognized in either or both programs.

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