It’s kinda like Christmas here at the Devforce team. It was only a few weeks ago that the official Mobile SDK for iOS and Android were launched, and now two new Getting Started articles have been added to our mobile site – all in time for the Christmas break! Yes, that’s right, now you can take your shiny new iPad, iphone, or Android tablet etc. out for a spin by writing some cool apps for and

Forget the over-eating, reconnecting with family, and football. Tis the season for building mobile apps in the cloud!

If you have been writing mobile apps already with Mobile toolkits, these have now been superceded by the Mobile SDKs posted on the official GitHub repository.  As of today, the old mobile toolkit github repositories have been removed, and the associated articles have gone to a better place. If you have any existing bookmarks, please update them to point to the Mobile SDK page on You can still get a bunch of great code samples, and toolkits from the developerforce GitHub repository, but because the Mobile SDKs are officially supported by, these now reside on the repository.

Now if only Santa can tear himself away from his new geo-location-aware, social mobile app that stores the naughty-and-nice list on, (rumor is that he used the mobile SDKs), and bring us some snow here in the San Francisco area, this will be the best Christmas ever.

Happy Holidays to all the mobile developers out there!

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