We know you want it. And we want you to have it. What’s it? Timely, educational, and helpful technical content that teaches you how to develop apps with the Force.com platform and related technologies.

This time around, we want contributions from you, the expert in our community, the you that lives and breathes Force.com every day and knows how to make things work. So we’re running five, count them, five developer content contests based on community suggested topics. And to make it worth your while to participate, we’re offering cold, hard cash to the winners. Please jump over to the main Developer Content Contests page and click on the subsequent links for all the details. Good luck!

Your 1st Challenge — Mobile Hybrid

Code ninjas, the first content challenge that we are announcing is the Mobile Hybrid App/Content Challenge. For this challenge, we’d like an article that demonstrates, from start to finish, how to build a 100% web app using the Mobile SDK hybrid approach and deploy the same source code as native iOS and Android apps.

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