Yesterday, I introduced you to the Grand Prize winner in the Salesforce Labs Salesforce of Things event, Printer + Salesforce + Arduino = Like.  As great as that app is, I have a prediction: you will fall in love with this next video.

Why?  Read on!!

The Social Fleet, from Dan Kauppi, Sergei Dubinin and Max Aleksandrov, is a great example of how you can monitor and manage your fleet using the platform and a couple of great apps.  Let’s take a look!

Is that incredible or what?  Location.  Productivity.  Maintenance requirements.  Fuel management.  This is without a doubt the way every construction site will be managed in the future.  Think about adding in things like operator monitoring to go with it and you have a complete solution that ensures your site will run at peak performance.

But there’s another reason I think you’ll fall in love with this project.

As if showing the future of an entire industry wasn’t enough, it is shows THE killer 2012 gift for kids of a certain age (40+ in my case).  Dan and crew built this example using off the shelf toys that you too can hack.  And there’s a whole line up of them.  Backhoes. Front loaders.  Graters.  My summer gardening just became way more automated.  Just add a few XBEE controllers, an EtherMega and you’re good to go.

Nice work gents!

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