As you may know, we recently announced the GA of the Mobile SDK which lets you develop mobile applications for and On January 26th, Eugene Oksman (PM for the Mobile SDK) and I will host a webinar that introduces the Mobile SDK and covers

  • The three basic development approaches for mobile apps – native, web (HTML5), and hybrid.
  • How you can develop cross-platform web mobile apps using HTML5 and Visualforce
  • How you can use the SDK to develop hybrid apps – HTML5 based web apps that can access local device features such as local contacts, camera etc.

Note that this webinar will NOT cover native mobile app development. In other words, if you’re interested in learning more about how to develop a native Android or iOS mobile application using the SDK you’ll have to wait for some follow-up webinars that we’re planning on that topic (or you can get started now with this and this). If however you’re interested in leveraging your existing Visualforce and web development skills to build mobile applications, sign-up for the webinar, grab some popcorn (and/or some coffee) and tune in on January 26th.

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