Here it is, folks, the post you’ve been waiting for! Before I reveal the elite few who will be joining the MVP group, let me preface the announcement by saying that this iteration was particularly tough. We got a very large number of nominations on some really great community members, and spent a lot of time doing research, gathering feedback, and considering the candidates.

As a refresher: There isn’t any formula to guarantee entry to MVP territory, but the qualities that characterize MVP-dom typically include: Technical prowess, standing in the community, leadership, and stewardship. Put another way, MVPs are people who widely disseminate their knowledge as well as actively interfacing with and shaping the community. While this isn’t a popularity contest, having visibility is usually a good indicator that a particular person is influential within the community.

Okay, so with all that in mind, I’d like to introduce the next few folks who can be called MVPs. Drumroll, please!
<drum solo here/>

Ankit Arora
Cory Cowgill
Joseph Ferraro
Matthew BotosCongratulations to our four new MVPs! Your contributions to the developer community is noticed and appreciated.

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