On March 15th we’re hosting one of our biggest developer events of the year at Moscone Center in San Francisco. Cloudstock is a FREE developer conference with over 40 technical sessions, 1-on-1 code consultations, new Quick Start guides for Siteforce and Mobile development and much more. In honor of the recent Oscar ceremony, I thought I’d highlight some of the more interesting Cloudstock sessions by handing out my own ‘Cloudies’. The following list represents my own unscientific and biased take on the session lineup (so really, not that different from the actual Oscars) and so cue the maudlin music, dim the lights and here we go (© Bud Light).

  • Best ‘Session(s) for a Force.com newbie’: We have Hands-on training sessions for Apex, Visualforce and Chatter and so if you’re starting to dip your toes into the Platform, these sessions are a great place to start (just look for the session names starting with ‘Hands-on’). Remember that these sessions are truly ‘hands-on’ and so be ready to roll up your sleeves and write some code. Also, don’t forget to get a laptop.
  • Best ‘Session for an Advanced Force.com Admin/Developer’: If you’re an experienced Force.com Admin or Developer, I’d highly recommend the Visual Workflow session. Not only will you learn the basics of using the drag-and-drop Cloud Designer tool to model step-by-step, wizard type user interactions, but this session will be a true eye-opener to what’s possible with the Visual Workflow tool. Extending a basic Flow with Apex and Visualforce? Check. Integrating a Flow with Chatter? Check. Integrating a Flow with a Facebook application built on Heroku? Check. The session will cover all of that and more and so do check it out.
  • Best ‘Session for a Mobile developer’: Quinton already posted a great list of mobile focused sessions at Cloudstock. It’s hard to really pick any one session from that list, but I’ll be totally crass and plug my own ‘Develop Mobile Web and Hybrid Apps’ session for no other reason than the fact that it helps Force.com developers apply skills they already have (Visualforce, JavaScript, CSS etc.) to the world of mobile development. As you’ll see from Quinton’s list though, we also have sessions dedicated to iOS, PhoneGap and Sencha and so no matter what type of mobile development you’re interested in, we’ve got you covered.
  • Best ‘Session for a Heroku newbie’: We have several Heroku related sessions at Cloudstock, but if I had to pick one introductory one, I’d recommend ‘Introduction to Heroku: Building Next Generation Apps’. In addition to going through the basics of getting started with Heroku, James will but cover some very topical development trends like HTML5, API first design etc. and so this one is a must for all developers.
After giving the ‘winners’ a hand of applause and some time to thank their dog walker for truly believing in them, you can peruse the full session list here and fill out your own ballot. And of course, don’t forget to register for Cloudstock. Hope to see you there.

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