If you have been to our Developer Meetups, you know we love a good trivia challenge. It’s been awhile since we have had a one online and  couldn’t think of a better way to end the week. We are shaking it up a bit this time and will be posting the questions on our Facebook Page today.  First to answer each question correctly will get a cool, new Force.com T-shirt.  We promise that they won’t be as bright as what our team likes to wear. Like this guy. Or this one. First person to respond to a question correctly will also be entered into the drawing to win a Jambox Jawbone*

Trivia Theme – Spring 12′. Here are some resources to bring you up to speed.

Also, if you are a fierce competitor, come to Cloudstock on 3/15 in SF. We will be taking our Cloud Trivia Challenge to the next level with some awesome prizes and tougher questions.

* There are legal restrictions.

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