If you learn better by watching than by reading, check out some of our great new videos for Spring ’12!  There are so many, we had to break them up into two posts, so stay tuned for more videos coming soon.

Sending Mass Email
This demo for end users shows you how to leverage the mass email tool in Salesforce, so you can quickly contact your customers and keep track of the emails within Salesforce.

Need Help Logging In?
Forgot your Salesforce password? You can reset it yourself! Watch this quick video to see how.

Chatter Groups
With Chatter Groups you can invite people outside your company to safely collaborate with you and your group members. Consultants, partners, board members…now you can select anyone to join you on Chatter!

Chatter Search
Watch this short video to see how you can find what you need quickly and easily using smart search in Salesforce Chatter.

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