For those of you who were at Cloudstock, hopefully you stayed for grand finale Cloud Trivia. Dave Carroll and Quinton Wall took the stage and were fierce with their questions. The crowd held their own and worked hard for the prizes (although Dave/Quinton did catch them off guard with a few – will keep those in our pocket for the next event).

Apologies to the virtual crowd who were waiting for the questions online, I ended up having to run around the room with the microphone to relay answers. I will coordinate better for the next live / online event. That said, Cloud Trivia is coming to you next Monday via Facebook.  In case you haven’t played before, here’s how it works:

We will be posting the questions on our Facebook Page Monday, 3/26

First to answer each question correctly will get a cool, new T-shirt.  We promise that they won’t be as bright as what our team likes to wear. Like this guy. Or this one.

First to answer each question correctly will also be entered into the drawing to win a Jambox Jawbone*

Note: #cloudstock attendees are not qualified to play, that’s cheating 🙂

* There are legal restrictions.

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